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How to make your own Tote Bag

Sign up to our free class to Learn the basics and flow of creating a custom Tote Bag! In this event, you will learn the different types of patterns and how they are used to design and construct a tote bag. The basics of working with leather and hands on experience cutting leather. 
Space is Limited!!!

Follow the steps of making a Tote bag

Main Pattern

This is the pattern that we use to start the process of design
Tote Patter.jpg

Master Pattern

This is the pattern that we make when designing the specific handbag we want
Siba Master Pattern.jpg

Outside Pattern

This is the pattern used to cut each piece
SImba_Out_Side Patter.jpg

Cut Pieces

At this point we cut all the pieces of the bag and get ready for putting it together
Simba Cut Pieces.jpg

Constructing The Bag

This is when we sew, glue and assemble the many pieces of the bag
Simba Halfs.jpg

The Finished Art

The joy of your personal creation

Endless Designs

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