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Looking for a bag that will express your personality, be functional and unique? Look no farther than our one of a kind line of Tote bags. These bags are handmade from start to finish and are of the highest quality of craftsmanship and design.


The Tote bags are unique and are made primarily from Leather with Fabric accents. The fabric is 100% cotton and have matching facemasks to go along with the bag. This way you can go in public looking fashionable while staying safe.

·         Each Tote come with 2 matching face masks

·         All Tote features an open top, making it easy to find and grab what you are seeking. Every Tote bag has an inside pocket with a zipper closure to keep things secure and safe.

·         No two bags are the same. Each is unique just like you 😉




100% Leather. We source our leather from US companies. The bags usually are composed of a few types of Full grain leather be it cow hide for the larger pieces or pig skin for the lining. We strive to find the best leather


100% Cotton is used for the accents and uniqueness of each Tote. We use 100% Cotton so that we can create a matching Facemask to go with the bag.



15 in wide

12 in tall

4 in deep

Shoulder straps have a 13" drop

Orange and Green Dragon Fly Leather Tote Bag

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