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Make Your Own Handbag

Experience the Process

Marble Surface

Enjoy a social event with friends while learning the fundamentals of bag making.

In this event, you will choose from several pre-selected patterns, as well as the color and texture of leather, lining, straps, and more under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Based on the design that you select, you will prepare the necessary pieces creating a bag that is truly unique to you. During the event, we will work together to make the vision of your handbag a reality.

Experience the joy of customizing your own unique handmade Leather Tote bag. 

Oceans Leather Bag_edited.jpg


I attended a handbag workshop at the ArtChiefs Studio on Essex Street, Marblehead, in June 2022. Yotam greeted every guest as if we were old friends. By the end of the evening, that's exactly how we felt.


Yotam began his presentation with a slideshow about the stages of fabrication, how to choose designs, fabrics, and the finishing steps of fitting, stitching. He gave each of us our own workspace and tools. After that it was up to us to create the handbag according to our own imaginations. We discussed patterns, compared colors, and slowly shaped the pieces of our puzzles. Through it all, Yotam was there to offer advice and share stories of his experience.


Later Yotam had stitched our pieces together. Our visions came to life. I couldn't be happier with the finished product!


Yotam is an engaging and knowledgeable teacher. He encourages discussion while stressing the importance of precision. He made everyone feel special. I wish we'd had more time to spend together

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